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"Adam is an excellent instructor. He knew the course material well, he encouraged questions and was able to answer the questions (providing demos when necessary).​"
Shelly Marshall​

"Great class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions."
Monica Concepcion

"Terrific instructor - hope to see him again. Very helpful."

Russell Frith


​​"Adam was a great instructor and answered everyone's questions and provided real world experience as examples, which was a great help. His friendly demeanor provided a comfortable learning environment and his expertise in SharePoint was greatly appreciated. Adam is definitely a top-notch instructor!​"
Jon Kastoris

"It was a pleasure learning from Adam, he managed the course content perfectly."
Jeffrey Griffey

"Adam is exceptionally knowledgable in SharePoint and related technologies."
Christopher Smith

"Great class. Adam was very professional, prompt, and attentive."
Stephen Cameron​​

"Adam was the best I have seen in involving students - drawing them out and getting them to participate."
Gary Hooyman​ ​

"I cannot imagine, finding a more professional, knowledgeable, courteous, patient and experienced instructor as Adam."
Igor Fishman

"Very Very Interesting and lot of knowledge. Adam was very knowledgeable and perfect. "
Harpreet Dua​

"Adam Greifer is a great instructor. He moves the course along quickly and clearly, but patiently stops to bring attendees up to speed when needed." ​

Faith Wurtzel

​"Masterful, I would take another course from him and I would certainly recommend him to others​."
Walter Garrett​

"Adam Greifer is an outstanding instructor who is knowledgeable and very, very helpful and has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share."
William Bergen

"Great instructor....knowledgeable and approachable"
Robin Cunningham​​

"Adam is a fantastic trainer. He has a great depth of knowledge and explains key concepts thoroughly and in a way that is easily understandable. He is so dedicated to helping students. Having him for an instructor was an outstanding experience for me. "
Leon Catanzariti

"I believe Adam was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable on the subject area but also very personable. He was easy to approach regarding any and all questions. He was eager to help and present examples that would explain his answer to us if we did not comprehend his response."
Kristopher Kaufman

"Very good instructor, very knowledgeable, course content is excellent. The course gave good introduction to many facets of datawarehousing."
Almer Santos

"One of the better managed virtual classes I attended. Good time & materials management. Easy to understand & attentive to students needs."
Bradley Garrett

"Very knowlegable. Answered all questions asked (In other courses I've taken, the instructor will skirt any questions that deviate from the exact lesson plan)."
Joshua Huggins

"I was very happy with the instructor and learned everything I was hoping to and more."​
Wesley R. Snyder

"Adam was thorough without being boring, covering real world scenarios reflecting his invaluable and relevant professional experience. He was keen to take questions regarding work situations and also to help with technical issues and with the exercise steps. I would like to take courses lead by Adam again."
George Walke

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